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Marshall Rosen

Marshall Rosen Director of Riboni Constructions

A second generation builder, Marshall completed a Bachelor of Building at the University of N.S.W. in 1971 and has now worked in the building industry for over 40 years. During his university studies and for several years after, he worked in the family construction business in various capacities. He was employed by Construction Engineering (Aust.) Pty. Ltd. as N.S.W State Manager for approximately 7 years prior to starting The Riboni Group .

Our history began in 1983 when The Riboni Group commenced operation in commercial and industrial building. In 1986 at the request of several of our clients we established a residential arm. Since that time our company has relied upon completing quality projects within time and cost to obtain repeat work from the Proprietors and Architects that we have dealt with. Marshall's expertise has not only been recognised by the clients and architects we've dealt with but his leadership and administerial capabilities have also made him an integral member of the board of directors of the New South Wales Cricket Association and several of their committees over the last ten years. 

​Marshall's sense of personal accountability, experience driving programs to completion on time and his close supervision and expertise in construction practices are the fundamentals on which the hard earned reputation of The Riboni Group has been achieved. Early lessons from the commercial space fuelled the belief that if a product or service is worth buying then it will speak for itself and so will others. Additionally, belief that we are a service provider as well as a builder beyond the construction phase has endeared us to our clients. Consequently, clients continued to return as new clients were acquired. Repeatedly.

The core belief that people are our greatest asset underpins the ability of Riboni to continually produce results of the highest standards. By investing resources in our own team and fostering relationships with the most capable sub contractors, Riboni has developed a trusted, expert, reliable and loyal workforce to call upon. With such values, it is no wonder that The Riboni Group has had numerous employees who have worked with the Group for in excess of twenty years. Our teams know that they are valued, that they are contributing to exceptional projects and above all else, they are working in a safe, supportive and rewarding environment. For any commitment to quality must also include an equal commitment to safety.


To find out how to enlist the services of either of the Riboni Group of companies please contact us today. 


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