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Residential Projects

Marshall's first residential job, to build his own home, was on a site no one else thought worth building on due to the inherent difficulty of the site. From such an appropriate beginning, all these years later Riboni Residential regularly finds itself tasked with building on far more complicated sites. With time and experience the complexity and value of the contracts Riboni Residential has undertaken has grown from as small as $200,000 to as large as $20,000,000 more recently. Over the years, the Riboni Residential team has gained relatively unique and invaluable experience building on cliff faces, delivering to site via crane, barge or helicopter, rubber mounting a hoist to an apartment building to minimise noise and vibration and even undertaking large scale residential mining activities. If a job exists that seems too difficult or too out of the ordinary, not only is Riboni Residential capable, but we have most likely already successfully completed similarly difficult, if not even more complicated projects.

The ultimate example was the challenge posed by having to excavate a tunnel from a Sydney Harbour boatshed to a lift shaft 45m away that was 15m below the basement of the house in question. It required critical precision to not only meet up with the shaft but also to avoid damaging neighbouring properties.

​To contract Riboni Residential is also to tap into our network of highly skilled trade contacts ensuring you not only have one of the finest construction management contractors on the market but the finest craftsmen and tradesmen as well. When the building stops, the relationship and the service you've grown accustomed to does not. Your maintenance queries and concerns will be addressed with care by the very tradesmen responsible for building your home. Now you know why Riboni Residential has become one of the most respected and sought after construction companies in the Sydney luxury housing market.  

You won't find construction awards here. We don't enter competitions simply because our clients respect their privacy and so do we. If you're reading this, chances are you are doing so because we were referred to you by just such a client. With this in mind, we hope you enjoy our miscellaneous gallery of images.

THE EXCEPTION: Below is a short selection of images from one Eastern suburbs property that featured in Belle Magazine showcasing the work of the interior designer we worked alongside.

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